…and it is particularly addressed to you CC! I told you that it’s been on my mind to write and document. Life moves at such a fast pace that even though we talk several times a day, there are things I forget to tell you about. Like for example, a colleague came to work with her baby today. I held him too and though he squirmed, he didn’t cry! A first for JC! Sometimes mundane is beautiful. I love hearing about mundane details about your life. It’s the little things we end up missing out on. Also, sometimes when I travel, I feel like writing about what I am seeing and experiencing. One of the joys of travel is to see things you’ve never seen before, and I don’t just mean architecture. And since you mentioned that it can be easy to update on the go with my phone, I thought of giving it a try.

Another reason why I am so inspired is your dedication to your hobby. If I were to think of a single constant in your life, it would be music. I can’t think of anything similar in my case. I love the fact that you are so immersed in your music, how you constantly  improve, learn new techniques, and now it’s even got you learning Spanish. And even influenced your hairstyle 😉 I don’t hope to ever achieve your level of proficiency with anything in my life but I will try and do more of the things that make me happy. Chudadas!

By the way, I subscribed to your youtube channel.