Sometimes they aren’t such a bad thing. Especially when you’re feeling alone and tired and want something familiar. I walked down to the river and stopped at the first restaurant I found, had a seat, enjoyed a good view of the river and lit bridges, and had some nice, comforting spaghetti. I dined al fresco, shivering in the cold, with a dead insect trapped in a spider’s web as company. There was a sad looking girl reading a book dining alone on the table in front of me, two nosey looking German women on another, Japs to my side and even some Americans. The good bit about seeking other tourists out for a change (and in limited quantities) is that it’s easier to relax and feel less pretentious. Okay so you don’t always have to eat where the locals eat or do as the locals do. You can try to most of the times but sometimes, it’s really great to take a break too.

I secretly wished that the German ladies won’t enjoy their meal – not because I don’t like Germans – just because I didn’t particularly like them. How mean of me.