Maybe this is obvious to many others but it only today became apparent to me, as is often the case with obvious matters. Restaurants around universities often are cheap, service quick and the variety is usually great. Having to bum around outside the entire day since my flight is only this evening and I had to check out at midday, I sat in an open square near the university looking at pigeons and people, and people feeding pigeons, and pigeons who looked at people hoping to be fed. More than that though I read my book. After a bit the pigeons retreated and I felt the need for a change in scene. I went to the other side of the square to a little falafel place that had a terrace. As I took a seat, the waiter probably a student gave a large bowl of water to a grateful blue-eyed dog who slurped it thirstily. I knew I would tip him. I had a falafel sandwich and lemon juice, very cheap. On the square, a couple made out with the groping increasing much to the distress of the french couple at the table next to me. I was mildly amused. My cheap lunch has allowed me to make a cafe and coffee stop without financial guilt at Central Cafe. It’s one of those beautiful grand looking cafes that stands out in your memory when you think back about a trip.