Feeling jubilant and triumphant I went into work today. People asked me about my trip and everything felt alright – the normal back to work day, the same catch-up with all the stuff missed during travel. And then I bumped into one of those people at the coffee machine, the sort you normally just talk to at the coffee machine. You know stray stuff from their lives and they know some little insignificant details from yours. You don’t “know” them, they don’t “know” you. You just exchange niceties. You’re not supposed to disturb the equilibrium by revealing your personal life. The conversation always has to be light so that you can get out the moment your cup is filled. So when I was asked how my weekend was I should have just kept it light, instead I smiled coolly and spoke about my trip to Budapest. Oh Budapest. He was there last week. For a bachelor’s party. With him mates, he was, yes. He asked me what I did, where I hung out. So I told him about my weekend of chilling out. And then he asks, so who did you go with. To which my answer obviously was, no one, I was alone. Oh. Okay. Then I started telling him about how I went down to one of those restaurants by the river and had a lovely meal there. To which he spluttered, no longer able to control himself, alone?! Yes, of course, alone. And then a tad defensively, what’s wrong with that. I could see the pity in his eyes. Asshole. The sort who can never travel for travel’s sake. I felt deflated then. That’s what you get when you exceed the mug-fill time limit.