Is there anything more satisfying than sleeping when you are absolutely physically drained because of exercise?

On a different note, finally saw The Last Samurai today. Wonderful movie! Don’t know why I resisted watching it for so long. So different from yesterday’s movie, Chinatown. Which was also fun but a very different genre. I’m thoroughly enjoying my lovefilm subscription 🙂

Two days and the people at the corner store already have started volunteering to watch my bike while I buy small ticket groceries. So sweet.

More compliments for the Duchess today, and I don’t mean Kate. Random people smile at her sweet basket or admire her colour. Cute bike. Awww. She’s a posh bike. A bit of a snob. Stands out completely in the bike stand with her head held high, shining. A bit aloof from the rest. I always feel like I should be wearing more dignified clothes when I’m on her, not tees and tights.