Some statistics

15 little bruises – most sustained because the bike likes to whack me with her pedals when I pick her up.

2 days of biking.

1 very comic fall – I wasn’t even riding dammit! It’s a little pathetic when you fall when you were struggling to go uphill in your frikkin car park. And you fall in slow motion. Even gravity is laughing at you, you look that stupid. And for anyone who was wondering – the bike is ok, she “fell” on me.

2 acts of kindness by strangers – one helped with the chain, one helped to pick it up on steps

Numerous compliments

200000 – the number of colleagues who know about my new bike and have been made to see pictures

1 instance of getting stuck in a narrow staircase trying to change her direction while picking her up

16.2 kg is what the Duchess weighs in at