Post-work socialising on Friday evening and two seemingly innocent questions were posed to me. One was if I felt proud of the home team – GB’s women’s track pursuit team had just taken gold. And the other and more important one – it’s been a year, do you feel settled in now in London. The answer to the first was, well not really. Okay, maybe a little. I’m happy they won. But pride is another issue, isn’t it? Pride comes when you can identify some common past or background. But you live here now, surely you must feel proud… The other answer led to more soul searching. My immediate answer was no, I don’t really feel settled. And the more I thought of it, the more I realised how much inward-looking my past year has been. I’ve spent nearly 12 months in one of the greatest cities in the world and I barely know anything about it. I know enough to help me with the essentials but beyond that, what do I know? How much can I identify with it? The last few months have been just trips to the office and back, lunches at my desk, weekend evenings spent in isolation, 6 months of study. And a few weekends outside London. Not a great track record. So here’s a promise to myself – the next 6 months I’ll learn more about this city. I will explore the East London scene which I’ve been promising myself I’ll do, I will go to more markets, I will go to the museums and art galleries, I will learn a foreign language, I will do more walks and cycle routes. And I will make more friends here.