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And as a follow-up to my promise to myself, documented publicly in my last post (if this were a classy blog, there would have been a link to the last post but evidently it’s not), I went to a couple of London markets yesterday. This was aided by the fact that Snackle is visiting the city currently and I have someone to go out with. I met up with her at Tower Hill and we headed south of the river, crossing Tower Bridge, stopping for a coffee on the way and taking in the wet sunshine – the lovely bright rays of sun after a few showers. There were so many people! So many tourists! Everyone getting in the way. But the atmosphere and weather were lovely. I felt a bit proud to be living in such a grand city, with the whole world descending down on it and looking in awe at the structures which I’ve come to know and love. We meandered through the crowds to Southwark Cathedral and then Borough Market, checking out the stalls. A great place to buy cheese and other fresh produce. I couldn’t resist buying some vegetables and mushrooms – they looked so fresh and bright. After stopping at a food stall for a quick bite, we decided to go east to Shoreditch. We went to the Sunday food market there and pigged on spring rolls, burritos and some regrettable Ethiopian food. We strolled back towards Tower Hill and I convinced Snack to come south of the river with me to my neighbourhood tavern, overlooking the river. Over shandies we looked at the evening river traffic, the seagulls skimming the sky, people enjoying the last rays of bright sun for the day, dogs in bliss with their eyes closed. The sound of the river lapping at the banks. Bliss.

Back home I watched two chick flicks back to back, late into the night. One being ‘Serendipity’ and the other being ‘The Leap Year’. Again, if this were a classy blog there would have been imdb links, but it isn’t 😉 I always wanted to see Serendipity. I was a bit disappointed.

I was back on my bike today to go to work. Such a great feeling. I find it easier to pick her up and carry her up and down the stairs. She’s stopped whacking me as well. We understand each other better now. It’s fun to swap stories with the other bikers at work. I was told about the mental biker game (not a biker who is mental but a game played mentally) where you give yourself points for every biker you overtake (extra points if they’re wearing lycra) and deduct points for every time you are overtaken. I am in such a deficit!