Back on the road again! My second trip to Helsinki a day after Nokia was downgraded (again). The moment the seat belt signs came off after the plane landed, everyone around me whipped out a nokia. There were nokias everywhere! All shapes and sizes, high end ones and low end ones. The atmosphere was tense with the sound of their trademark start-up music. A moment later and some people started to get calls – no prizes for guessing which ringtone that was. I always feel excited seeing people use nokias in this age of iphones and android-based phones and I love seeing this spectacle in Finland. Nice to see someone being loyal to them. Must chide our team assistant when I get back – she’s Finnish but uses a Samsung. She was complaining when it had a problem about how her good, old Finn phone never gave her any problems.

At the airport I was drawn to a duty free shop selling angry bird soft toys. Another popular Finnish export.

On the way into the city, I looked at the thickly wooded roads – almost forest like, very common here in the Nordics – and wondered what’s ailing Finland’s forest industry. Passing the harbour, I saw some gorgeous sail boats and then a couple of huge ice breakers. My taxi driver complained how the shipping industry too is getting competition from the Koreans. But the ice-breakers he said, “we understand better”.

I’ve been upgraded at my hotel to a large suite on the top floor. It’s time to go enjoy 🙂