And again I feel a sense of victory just getting back home without losing my phone, wallet, passport and Eli – increasing order of importance. Not that I am careless but at the end of every trip those are the things that count the most. You can rationalize losing everything else I guess.

I think I may get addicted to shopping duty-free. On the way to Helsinki yesterday, I was browsing perfume at LHR but didn’t buy any. But today I bought Karl Fazer chocolates, Finnish rye bread – ruispalat, jam from Finnish berries. One of my colleagues had requested reindeer salami – I went to the section but when I saw some bear paste or pickle or something. I felt terribly sad and didn’t get it. I also bought angry birds – one for Vinter and one for my office. I always like to support the current account positions of the countries I visit 😀

The flight itself was awful. Having gone against my policy of checking in well in advance, I was forced to accept a seat in the middle. Needless to say I had giants sitting on both sides. One of the giants had an endless supply of newspapers. I hate people who read papers on flights, especially these horrible flights where the seats are designed for people who have small grapefruits instead of bottoms. Plus the newspaper giant kept digging his nose. I pretended that I was going to throw up by breathing violently into the air sickness bag. He moved away a bit. Unfortunately it worked only once. To divert myself I made up stories in my head while tightly keeping my eyes shut. Critical mistake of the day: had coffee in flight so was wide awake and very restless. I was alert to every sound – babies wailing, people coughing raspily – the air was fraught with misery and disease. This was my 4th coffee in a span of a few hours. Oh by the way, coffee consumption per capita is highest in Finland. Suomi. The day itself was quite nice in Helsinki. Between meetings we had coffee in one of the outdoor cafes facing the harbour where massive cruises ships were anchored. A little distance ahead and I saw my beloved icebreakers again 🙂 Suomi!

I’m now going to sit back and watch a movie. I’m considering the Guard.