And then there are those days or nights when I miss home dreadfully. The thought of mom’s green chutney. The eternal dilemma – green chutney with toast or plain bread? Or with toast and cabbage? Cheese? Or the thought of waiting another half a year before Vinter joins me here. Or papa waiting for me at kapole niwas if I was late. Or morning walks with mom to the garden. And those yellow carpets of flowers with the smells familiar from sunny childhood days spent cycling there. Or that crazy cat Silly Kate. And Bunny’s kale channe ka masala kept aside for consumption with rice. Morning cups of tea with Vinter. Fussing about my plants. Mom-in-law’s sambhar with homemade masala. Or the balcony at their place with the memory of my father-in-law. Surprise visits home. Buying flowers for mom near the circle. Or eating idlis with vin near the station. Is it worth staying away from all this?