This week was largely a “blue” week but happily ended on a more upbeat note. I started missing home terribly from Sunday evening on and almost booked tickets at various stages during the week. If I had, I would have been home *right now*. But  better sense prevailed and I decided to save some dough, wrap up work so that I can have a nicer, extended trip at home in November.

All this week I’ve been struggling to sleep on time and consequently been late to work. It’s been a mix of movies, mindless surfing, and deliberately staying up late. This morning though I resolved to take the Duchess to work and my mood’s been great since I made that decision in the morning. It’s that positive to get some exercise. But it’s not just about getting exercise. It’s also about doing it in one of the most enjoyable ways.  You feel fluid while riding a bike, you cut through the air, it’s like poetry. Especially when you pedal a bit and then just cruise. My favourite times on the bike are the last bit of road just before I come to my apartment building in the evenings – I criss cross and cruise and the wheels make their lovely hissing sound – and when I’m passing Heron Quays station – the side facing the canal. There’s usually no one there and you can virtually feel one with the universe. How many times can you feel that during your average work week? I also hate to admit this but I like the foot tunnel’s cold, damp smell. I don’t particularly like cycling there, especially since you’re not supposed to, but I like the fact that it’s under the river. I hate the smell on the elevators at the ends of the tunnel though – they always smell like stale biker sweat.

The other wonderful thing I discovered during the week was that the Royal Opera House in London will be staging a ballet performance of Swan Lake for much of the fall. Being uninitiated in ballet but a huge fan of Swan Lake’s music I am very thrilled and just need someone to say yes, that they’ll come with me. Though if no one does, I’m still going to go alone. I’ve been listening to the Nutcracker throughout the week at work and since yesterday, I’ve reverted to my old love – Swan Lake. Though I think the Nutcracker’s music is brilliant, I don’t think anything can compare with the crescendos in the former. The feeling of elation. Or the pain. Pyotr Il’yich Tchaikovsky surely understood sadness. Listening to Swan Lake, sometimes even thinking about it gives me goosebumps and sometimes even makes me want to cry. I really can’t wait to see the ballet.

Swan Lake at the Royal Opera House this fall

Thank you all for making an effort this week and helping me feel less miserable. Your missed calls, phone calls, skype calls, messages, pictures and generally being more available helped me a lot 🙂

Another Edit:
I couldn’t resist – I just bought one ticket after checking the website and seeing most shows are sold out. I can’t keep waiting around for people to make up their minds! Duhhh