And just because you all are so nice, I give you photos from Windsor – a trip made in June when it was still pretty cold and rainy. This was a fairly cold day too but it had its sunny moments. Our decision to go to Windsor was solely driven by economics – we woke up and decided to go to Bath but when we reached Paddington we realised we didn’t feel like spending 52 pounds! Upon reaching Windsor, we walked to the castle, had one look at the long admission lines (and I shamefully admit, the entrance fees) and decided to just admire it from the outside. We walked about and had a lovely time by the river, sitting in the grass when it was sunny and ducking under a tree when it started to rain. I desperately wanted an ice cream by the end of the trip, having resisted it throughout the day. You know those times when you see everyone walking towards you with a cone in their hands and you can’t find the source. It was like that. I finally settled for a sub standard one from a little sweet shop near the station.

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