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It’s so nice to have a three day long weekend. Then you can really max out yourself on Saturday and Sunday and have the luxury of waking up in the afternoon on Monday – like I did today. The original plan was to take in the Nottinghill festival but I’ve changed my mind about that. I’m not in the mood to go rushing off and jostle with a body of humanity though I’m sure it will be a wonderful photographic experience. Well, perhaps next year.

Yesterday I continued on in my riverside quest, heading further ahead on the same path I took on Saturday. The weather was perfect – nice and sunny without the slightest indication of rain on the horizon. Getting up till Surrey Docks Farm was a breeze this time since the route was now familiar and of course, there was no driving rain. Perhaps the one change I would make to my route is to continue onto Odessa Street instead of continue on Rotherhithe Street at the junction near The Orange Bull (just past the Ship York). This way I can get to the river path at a much earlier stage instead of mucking around in the back streets of Surrey Quay which in any case have a marked bike route.

Anyway, back to the route that I did take yesterday. From Surrey Docks Farm, I went up the incline to rejoin the Thames Path. This is marked as no cycling but there were a lot of bikers here anyway. If I had continued on from Odessa Street to the river path, I would have gone through the farm instead of skirt it from the outside. Continuing on, there are some patches of green interspersed with building developments. The path has barriers every few meters so you have to keep getting off your bike to go around. I detest this because this is a direct form of discouragement to bikers. And I really don’t get why more of the river path does not have a biking trail. Westferry and the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf loom large directly across the river now. The Hilton has an obnoxious property right on the riverside and I feel annoyed that more public space has been sacrificed for a private development. At least you can walk about here since it’s still a public walkway. But it is shut after a point and you are forced to do down the steps back onto Rotherhithe Street. I continued down this street, past the Blacksmiths Arms, looking for a way to get back onto the Path and finally finding it at Pageant Crescent through an arch, sweeping upwards onto the path. At some point I did have to come back off the path and back onto Rotherhithe Street to find my way again up through Sovereign Crescent, back onto the path again for a bit and then back down. Dodging in and out of river-side developments.

Back on Rothy, I couldn’t get back onto the Thames Path for a long while, obscured by private housing developments. I passed a Pizza Lounge, Moghul Indian cuisine, Bury Close (haha) and Surrey House. For some reason at this point, I turned left at the YHA London Thameside and came onto Salter Road where I continued on until I had Surrey Water to my left. I turned back ahead at the lights and back towards the river, coming to some sort of large pink structure – I don’t know the term for it nor can I guess at its use.

I decided to turn back at this stage since I had to go view T’s apartment. My purpose of seeing Tower Bridge wasn’t met and I will have to do this stretch again. Sigh. I did take some pictures though for my beloved readers. The distance I covered yesterday both ways was about 6 miles.

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