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Summer indeed has gone. The days indeed are growing cold. But unless you are a little leaf, I don’t recommend you put on a dress of red and gold. There is a new iciness in the air. It wasn’t there yesterday but it’s here today. This is not the sort of cold induced by the wind or rain. It’s just suddenly sharper. The proverbial nip in the air. And if you are caught and exposed by the wind, you will remember how close you are to the Arctic circle. Okay, now I’m just exaggerating.

Coming to more important issues – did anyone see those lovely images from Mars? I wish I could travel to outer space some day. I can imagine updating my blog about it and my mom sending me a mail the next day saying, but beta are you sure you want to take flight in that Soviet-era launcher? Just think Laika, beta, think Laika.

Jokes aside though, if I could afford it and the opportunity ever comes up, I would love to go into space. Can you imagine the size of the universe? And those billions of stars? And the nothingness of our daily lives, the meaninglessness of our many little endeavors and struggles, the insignificance of our lives. All weighed against the infinity of time. That mystery we all want the answer to – why? In one of the books in the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, Douglas Adams writes that the ultimate torture is to show man his size in relation to the universe.

Anyway, though I can’t hope to go where no critter has ever gone before anytime soon, what I can do is go to the Royal Observatory this weekend. Shame on me for not going there even once though I have been living so close to it for nearly a year. This was one of the things I looked forward to doing when I first moved here. Funny how we just get caught up in the mundane and don’t do all the things we really want to do. Also, funny that I feel the urge to really know and understand Greenwich at this belated stage, when I figuratively have one step out of the door. But I will do more now. I don’t want to say when my time comes, I wish I’d done more with my time.