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I’m fed up of being asked – when is your husband coming? Is he coming? Is he…? When? Any plans yet? Are you going back? He was here – for good then? You’re going in November – is he coming back with you? No? Then when? Accompanied by that look of pity. Hmmph. I actually had to tell someone today – it’s not that tough you know. It’s actually really annoying when people make that face and ask for updates every time they see you. How is the status going to change between bathroom breaks, really? And as for their pity – well, I feel sorrier for people who feel like it is impossible to have a life unless you have someone to accompany you. I hate the implicit assumption in their tones and expressions that I don’t have a life and all I do is sit and mope. The truth is that I probably have more fulfilling weekends (at least now that I have the exam out of the way) than them – I travel more, I read more, I go out more, I touch up photographs, I bike and I stay in touch with my friends. Being alone hasn’t stopped me in getting to know the culture of this place better. I admit I would probably do much better and have a more enriching life if Vinter was around but I am not afraid to do things alone. Many of the things I used to be afraid of earlier – darkness, new places, etiquette, meeting new people, being in unfamiliar surroundings, changing lightbulbs, solving tech issues, lifting heavy things, cooking and cleaning on my own, shopping alone, eating in restaurants alone, going to the movies by myself – I can do on my own now. This is not a proclamation that I don’t need you Vinter, it is a proclamation that I need you because I love you and not because I am helpless. To hell with what people say.

In other news – I finally finished watching Seven Samurai today. It’s a three hour long epic and I shamefully admit I was not up to watching all of it at one go. So I’ve been divvying it up post work and watched it in three separate sittings. I thought it was a great movie – interesting till the end. The essay included in the dvd extras  talks about how this was a revolutionary movie at the time for many reasons, not least because it humanizes samurai at a time when cinema was prone to treating them as larger than life. Wonderful movie if you like subtleties and are a fan of Japanese steel.