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I believe in chick-flicking my way through the desolation that is a Friday evening alone. Usually they leave a lot to be desired but every once in a while you get a wholesome chick flick – funny and light, romantic and oh yeah, most importantly – male lead who looks shexshy. Oh yeah. Ashton Kutcher – very cute. I really enjoyed watching this movie today. Plus I think Amanda Peet is cool. She’s also got a bit role (Celia) in One Fine Day – another gem of a chick flick, in fact one of my all time favourites!

Here’s a cool scene from the movie:

Also intriguing about this movie – people use bulky nokias, pagers, landlines (they use a lot of landlines) – including those dial phones. The SLR used in the movie was a film camera not a DSLR. I even saw a desktop computer somewhere. Nice semi-trip down the early tech-memory lane.