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I finally cycled all the way to Tower Bridge and back today. Google maps informs me that that is a total of ~12 miles for the day. Here’s a snapshot of my route. I tried my best to drag it to the actual route I took to make it “true” but this is the best I could do. As far as possible, I stuck to the Thames River Path so my route was perhaps a bit longer than this.

My route today up to Butler’s Wharf, Shad Thames

Also, on popular request I took my SLR today and took a few shots. I had to hop off my bike for these and took them hurriedly so there’s no artistic quality to them.

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Oh by the way – Ellers came along on the trip today too! For all those who felt he’s not being included in the fun!

I met my future landlord in the evening to hash out the final details. The apartment looked good. The freaky black cat was staring into my eyes from outside again today. T has a map of the world pinned to the toilet wall. I asked him not to take it off – will be nice to have that to look at in the mornings! There’s a slight stain on the wall in the living room where he used to park his bike. There’s a book case for Eli to perch on. There’s space for my plants and garden furniture. There are even nails in the wall where I can hang my photographs. Moving may be psychologically difficult – this will be my 5th home in 4 years – but I think we may feel at home at Stokey.

Edit: We had a lovely Thai meal at Yum Yum. So nice to have spicy curry!