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I love days when the river has a high tide.  And the boats riding along on every crest of the waves seem almost to roll forward in slow motion. The sea gulls clamber about with their high-pitched calls and seem momentarily suspended in mid-air. I can hear the water. On nights, I see the reflection of the lights glittering and dancing on it. I remember the first night when I moved here, feeling the loneliness of a new, unfamiliar home and how looking at the lit cruise boats cheered me up.

I wrote an emotional email to my landlord today informing him that I won’t be able to continue and blabbed more about how much I love this place and how I hope the next tenant will be able to appreciate it as much. Then I didn’t send it because it sounded overly dramatic. I did however take a few photos around the apartment, something to remind me always of my first real home in London. (The first month’s temporary accommodation doesn’t count).

This was a tag on one of the tea cloths I purchased last year (it was made in India). I felt it was appropriate for my riverside apartment. I’m very fond of this little thing.

Damn right – it does!

Pot from Cedarlia, Greenwich. I need to have the labels stuck into the earth else I forget the names of the plants.

We do manage to get along as one happy unit. I’ve been talking to them of late..

My broom. Doesn’t have auto pilot but is useful for sweeping the balcony.

My fur-chapp next to my foot mark – I don’t know why I’ve never wiped it out.

I remember the lovely spring evening when this was delivered home and how I struggled to first drag it in and then assemble it.

My tea-light holders (and the Duchess in the background). Have lit many a solitary meal.

Constant company and mood “eli-vator” (as my dad calls him) with my keys at his normal perch. A reproduction of one of my favourite Degas paintings in the background (grace, passion, beauty, movement, light)

My unintentionally pink bathroom

My shoes lying about

My wispy curtains – held together my matchsticks in the wall!