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I really had the blues going in to work this morning. I’d bummed around the entire day yesterday after spectacular Saturday. Another brilliant movie recommendation by the house of Vonnie in the form of The Inbetweeners Movie made for evening viewing. Wasn’t the best movie you’ll ever see by a long shot (stories about sex-starved British boys on holiday never are) but it was entertaining and some scenes had me roaring. Nice for a few laughs. Plus instead of American boys doing a Euro-trip for a change it was lads from the Island. References to cups of tea were much appreciated. There were moments though when it was tiring to see Brits on holiday.

Last night I wrote to my landlord and also to the property agency serving my termination notice. I rewrote my emotional mail to my landlord and I think it ended up sounding a bit stiff. The property agent wrote back sometime during the day and confirmed that they will begin “remarketing the property”. He also mentioned that “The Landlord has been extremely pleased to have you as a Tenant Aarti and I suspect sorry to see you go”. I had to hold back tears when I read that. What’s wrong with me! Anyway, so it’s official now. Someone else will soon live here. I hope they’re nice to this apartment and don’t tear the place down. I already dislike them.

I toyed with the idea of taking the Duchess to work but left it in the end. I took the bus to North Greenwich as I have been doing these days. The station is close to the O2 orena where some Paraolympic events are being staged. I see quite a few people on the bus travelling to the events. To day there was a couple with a baby in a stroller. The father was holding the Union Jack. The little child was obviously teething and cried out in frustration every once in a while and would chew on his own or his father’s fist. I felt sorry for the little one. After some time, another stroller with a more outwardly looking child in it rolled in next to the first boy. This second child took great interest in the affairs of the first, troubled boy and even reached out to pull his hair on occasion.

The highlight of the day were the crimini mushrooms I bought after work. On the way home I resolved to make peas and mushroom curry. I got home, sauteed onions, pureed tomatoes, added some milk (I ended up adding too much milk actually), and then finally the mushrooms and peas. A little salt, some turmeric and red chilli flakes. That’s all. It was fast and simple to make. And really yummy too. I perhaps shouldn’t have added as much milk. But to compensate for that I mixed in some yogurt during dinner to make the gravy richer and thicker. It was delicious enough to change the mood of the day.

Just as a little side, my friend Pradnya and me have decided to do something healthy – whether it is in terms of diet, exercise or lifestyle – everyday and write about it on a daily basis to keep ourselves motivated. So this was my healthy thing of the day. Crimini mushrooms. Apparently they are an excellent source of many minerals. I also stocked up on plums and grapes. So there PD – your turn now!