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Today was blue, blue, blue. Not even a ride to work on my Duchess could cheer me up. I’ve given up on trying to analyse and find out just why I’m so glum these days. Sometimes I feel I can see only the negative side of things and can make even the happiest of situations look miserable.

Well, anyway, I do know that I miss home a lot. I do know that I feel a bit overburdened at work. And I want to perform and dazzle and impress but feel like I am not anywhere close to that. I also know I haven’t been sleeping adequately. And I skipped brekkie today and that is never a good thing. I know I am anxious about moving home. I know I can do it but I still worry about it.

Today was a bad day nutritionally. As I mentioned above, I skipped breakfast. Cranky, oh so cranky. Then I had a late lunch. And oh did I crumble – cheese, white bread, pack of chips. Dammit. Even a banana but that was perhaps the only thing I get points for. To make up for my excesses, dinner was mixed veggies – cabbage, peas, carrots, beans and corn.

I still feel low. I need chocolate and a hug. And I need to see my mom. And dad.

On a completely unrelated note (ok it is slightly related, I found it when I was googling “how can I cheer myself up”) I stumbled upon this site: http://www.dumblittleman.com/2012/07/seven-great-ways-to-make-your-good.html
It claims to have “tips on life” – I found some of the articles on self management fairly nice and easy to follow.

I’m off to slumberland now. Maybe I’ll wake up feeling cheerful and bright!