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In such cases as this, it is, I believe, the established mode to express a sense of obligation for the sentiments avowed… It is natural that obligation should be felt, and since I feel gratitude, I now thank you, Pradnya! It was actually your blog that got me back to writing. I miss you and if you were here I’m sure we would have already made a visit to Derbyshire..and the Harry Potter museum. And the Observatory.

To anyone else reading this and wondering what I’m blabbing about, this is a reply to a post written by Pradnya on her blog in P&P lingo. Pradnya is in my eyes a star, someone who managed our *intensely difficult (and miserable)* work life while continuing to read extensively, make engaging conversation, have political opinions, spare time for the occasional trek, try out diet fads endlessly, manage a jog every once in a while, listen to podcasts on her way to work on whatever was her current interest. All this while she could coolly whack you in your face with a flick of her ponytail- her hair has a personality and life of its own.

Well PD – here’s the nutritional update for the day. Breakfast was tea+banana+grapes+orange juice. I cooked my lunch – mixed sprouted lentils – this morning, determined to stick to our health regime. Early evening snack was another banana. Dinner was boiled sprouts with roti+yogurt+1 pakora. I also had several cups of tea and coffee during the day. Shame. Zero exercise but I plan to take the Duchess out tomorrow.

Another late day at the office today. One of my young colleagues from Russia was telling me about his experiences during his compulsory military training days back home. While he and his friends had it easy since they only had to take a month’s training since they had secured admission in the top universities and were as a result directly made officers, those kids who hadn’t got into good universities had to spend a year in military training and were soldiers and had hard lives. Many stories were amusing, many were quite sad. I like this guy’s stories – they are always humorous and based on his frank, and insightful, observations. This boy is only 22!

The weekend comes closer – I know I will have to pack in some work but I also want to do the bike route along the Thames from the Thames Barrier further east. I also do want to squeeze in the Observatory somehow.