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I just found out about an hour ago that Air India does direct flights to Burma. Not only that, they are actually affordable. Hitch is that there are just two seats available on the dates I want (my original preference is actually sold out) and we need to act **fast**. I also checked on flight connections through Bangkok but these don’t work out as cost effective. Dear husband, when you read this I want you to consider how important this trip will be to me given that my grandfather spent his childhood in this country. I can’t think of any better way to celebrate my 30th. (Ok, the dates I want are just after my birthday so that I can be home with mommy!) We needs book tomorrow my precious!!! Confession – I tried booking now but Air India is not allowing me to! Arrgghhh! Vonniekins! Do not disappoint!

In other news – more of the mundane. But wait. What an absolutely gorgeous day it was! I felt a fresh love for London and my beloved Thames when I saw it  glittering in the mild morning sunlight. I had to take the Duchess to work today. What joy! Gliding through the cool air in the warm sunshine – sounds conflicting but it was exactly that.

Today was one of the most beautiful days in the history of beautiful days. I went outside for lunch at about 3.30 pm and the sky was blue, the sun was not blazing hot but smiling down in a friendly way. Today had to be falafel day. I earned it! (PD – breakfast was muesli and yogurt).

Back to work and I ended up staying beyond what I’d originally planned. Partly to blame was a colleague from another team who’s moved from Germany – she was telling me about her apartment woes – she shares it with four people and the whole place seems to be caving in. Taps break off, none of the lights work, there is no heating and most recently (and amusingly) the fire alarm fell off the ceiling. Just like that. She was in greater distress because her flat mates had just left it on the floor – when she tried picking it up, she hit the test button accidentally and she had a ringing alarm in her hands. Having lived with a smoke detector that had been beeping shrilly every minute for the past 3 weeks I could feel her pain (oh by the way, mine is repaired now).

It was my first ride on the Duchess in the dusk. It was lovely (as rides with her usually tend to be). There is a point where we drive towards the west and the sight of the  purple-golden horizon where the sun had just set was brilliant. Driving under the streetlights seemed alright as well and wasn’t the scary experience I thought it would be.

For a few days now, my computer has been running only in safe mode. If I start it normally it freezes over and becomes unresponsive. I don’t have any audio in this mode. I haven’t watched a movie in days. For someone with no TV or radio, this is sad business. But on the brighter side of things – I atleast can access the internet.

Today is exactly a year since I left home and moved to London. I remember the lonely flight – everything seemed so surreal and I had to tell myself to be strong when the plane took off. It all seems such a long while ago.

I had a bowl of maggi for dinner (I threw in some peas to be compliant with my lifestyle resolve) to celebrate.