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Rehashing an old write-up from my visit to Paris in June this year with some never before seen (whooo) photographs

Paris is a surprise on every corner, real gentlemen letting you by at elevators, holding doors for you, stopping cars for you on the street so that you may cross. Paris is beautiful.

Paris is in its metro. Its poetic stations with the never ending winding stairs and the billboards on the platforms.



Paris is its elegant women, never over dressed or underdressed – but “tojours classy”.

Paris is its immigrant population. Paris is the grand buildings and architecture.

Paris is sitting in a cafe and watching the world go by – it’s a cliche, but it’s true. Paris is the train suddenly emerging from the dark tunnel into the evening light, over the Seine and you looking at the left and being surprised to see la Tour Eiffel on the left, feeling overwhelmed and smiling stupidly. And then meeting the eyes of an old Parisien who seems to understand how you feel and smiles back at you. Paris is its music. Paris is its romance. Paris is the feeling that no other place can ever live up…