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Took ye ole trusted Duchess out this morning to bike to work. A cloudy day but warm. We took to the road but the elevator at the foot tunnel was closed. In no mood to take the steps holding 16.2 kgs, I cycled to the ferry. The Thames Clipper was there in a minute and I bought my ticket onboard. The boat drifted along in a sweet, rhythmic motion and I even half wished that the journey was slightly longer to allow me to drift to sleep. Behind me a girl was in full slumber mode. It was lovely to be on the river after a weekend of riding next to and photographing it. I was at Canary Wharf soon enough, got off the ferry and cycled along. I circled Westferry Circus and then took West India Avenue – the trees lining it already autumnal. It was lovely. Getting into Canary Wharf and stopping at almost every light wasn’t!

Cycling back at night and the escalator was still shut. I carried the Duchess up a couple of steps before one of the works-men offered to pick her up. I was only to happy to let him.

My bike parking finally expired today now that the Games are over and I locked the Duchess at a rail under my office building. I took a peek at her once during the day from the other side of my floor and once when I went down to buy lunch. It’s nice to spot her handlebar and basket from a distance.