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I was desperately late to work this morning but committed to biking. The previous evening I discovered access to part of the Thames path on my daily route while on my way back home. It was glorious. The river in the evening, the sky, the outline of all the buildings. And being on a bike and cruising past made the feeling even sweeter. I said a small thank you to Mom for teaching me how to cycle as a kid. I remember the moment when she had let go and I could finally balance – as if it were yesterday. Anyway I digress. It didn’t feel as rewarding on the way to the office today because I was so damn late. But I do remember one lovely moment when a large sea gull soared right overhead and overtook me.

I was at work past 9 pm today and was in mood to ride back in the cold, and especially not eager to encounter that damp tunnel. So I pedaled to the CW pier where I saw this ferry bobbing back and forth across the water. It didn’t serve my purpose but I thought it was very cute nevertheless, running tirelessly between the banks. The Thames Clipper arrived eventually and looked for a moment like a futuristic object in the dark water. The Duchess and I boarded along with a few other people who materialized from thin air as soon as the clipper was in sight. I left her on the deck and bought my ticket inside, where it was much warmer. I love the Clipper. And I love that I can actually travel back home on the river in the middle of the city at night and see all the lights dancing on the water. Back at Greenwich, it was lovely to see all the familiar landmarks, quiet in their beauty, lit and devoid of tourists. There was a lone young man inside a restaurant cleaning up for the day.