I’ve been on a box accumulation spree. This weekend I decided I would probably need to start packing soon. Saturday was a slow day. I had a lazy lunch at my colleague’s house with her mother, her kids and husband. We strolled in her garden, picking grapes, raspberries and plums while her mother toiled away inside, making dumplings. I felt glad I’d gotten her some flowers. I realised *yet again* what a massive co-ordination effort it is to have kids. The elder one needed to go to a birthday party but had to finish her lunch, and her Chinese homework before that and also insisted on completing her lego game before, during and after her meal and study session. The younger child was more content and easy going, crying only when the elder one informed her that one of her toys, a rabbit, was motherless. This prompted a torrent of tears and she had to be rocked lovingly by her mother. I felt a bit sorry for my colleague when she had to get up several times during lunch and apologized mentally to my own mom. The husband fell asleep at the table.

Anyway I digress. I went out in the rain on Sunday on a box acquisition spree. The  lady at the first shop didn’t have any but promised to save some for the next day. I got a couple at the small shop at the petrol pump. At work, I eyed my colleague’s amazon delivery box and successfully petitioned for it. I also discovered one of my own online shopping boxes which I got home this evening in a cloth bag. I went to the corner store but yesterday’s lady wasn’t around. Her kids gave me a couple of boxes but one was bigger than me. It was a task carrying it home because it was so windy and it kept trying to get away. While I was there the daughter got on the phone with her mom and I was asked to come back at 8 for more. Braving the wind and cold, I returned and was given 4 boxes. It was a small task getting them back home but I managed somehow.

So now my apartment is full of boxes and suitcases. I’m trying to postpone packing my books away for as long as I can. I know this is going to prompt a flood of tears. In other news, I have been trying to run down stocks of perishables. Breakfast everyday has been cornflakes so that I don’t have to carry that inconvenient box. All snacks are oat biscuits. Many meals have incorporated “daliya”.