The past few weeks have been overwhelming. The prospect of moving looming ahead, leaving my familiar apartment and the river, the crazy amount of work which is going to increase exponentially next month before I go on holiday. I’ve been on edge and cranky. But today, I feel different after having visited my new apartment to check about the electricity. It was a struggle to get inside as I couldn’t seem to unlock the door. And then I realized that just because the key fits, doesn’t mean it’s the right one – some quack philosophy doesn’t hurt, does it 😉 I stood on a chair in the dark and found the fuse box and flipped on the switches. The lights came on and the apartment looked warm and homely, and in a way reassuring. I spent some time there and came away feeling like I was doing the right thing. Plus a 46″ TV thrown in with a full blown music system doesn’t hurt either 🙂 While clearing out the mailbox, some neighbours smiled and nodded in passing, a rare acknowledgement of one’s existence.

Enough said now – this blog has become a bit too whiney over the last few posts. The weekend is nearly here and the Duchess wants to explore the canal along the River Lea. I hope to have some photos soon!