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Would you like to hang out in a cemetery on a cold Sunday afternoon? You would probably say no. However, the Abney Park  Cemetery is also a nature reserve. I had a pleasant time trudging about there, clicking pictures of tombstones and graves, some simple, others very elaborate. Some dating back to the early 20th century. The most recent ones being from the ’70s. Time and trees’ roots have made many tilt to one side, some crack, some tombstones and adornments have fallen, many have ivy growing all over them. It was in a way quite sad, the epitaphs of many lovingly written. Many souls missed. But their mourners now having long passed on themselves.

It was a sunny day so it wasn’t eerie. There was one time when the sun went behind some clouds and it became quite dark. I was momentarily alone – the other  visitors to the park nowhere in sight – surrounded by tombs. I tried my best to work up a feeling of dread, a chill. But I just couldn’t. I have to say though, I wouldn’t want to be here in the dark.