Now here I am faced with another trip next week. To a country I’ve never been to.   May be through with meetings early on the last day and have the entire weekend in front of me. The possibility of spending an extra day travelling in this new country to another city and be back home by Saturday night was open. A road trip. New cuisine. New currency. New everything. And did I mention dirt cheap? Dirt cheap. This is literally how I imagine perfect meetings to be – finishing off on Friday so that I can spend the weekend in that country, and cheap. And there’s also a river! And veggie food isn’t a problem here. Sounds too good to be true! So what do I do?

I book a Friday afternoon flight back to London. Now why did I do that? *Hard self smack*

All I could think of was – oh no! I don’t want to be lugging my laptop AND my camera about again, do I? What a wuss. What a silly excuse. (In my defense, lugging all my stuff about with a broken suitcase handle was a nightmare when I did that train ride from Bratislava to Budapest – piglet or no piglet. But it was one of my best travel experiences too! Dammit!).

Will have to speak to AA tomorrow and beg her to reschedule the flight without killing me for my indecisiveness.