…I’m learning how to unclog the bathroom drain with vinegar and baking soda and  hot water while desperately waiting for the cleaning agency to respond to my urgent plea to come rescue my apartment.

Most people have been looking at me with renewed pity when they hear I’m going to spend Christmas in London. Just make sure you have someone on Christmas Day. Don’t spend it alone. Hello? I’m sorry, I don’t celebrate Christmas so it’s not like I’m going to sit here feeling like a saddo without family or whatever. (And then on Christmas Day she sat there feeling exactly like a saddo). I even got a sympathy pat yesterday. Very brave, very brave someone said nodding their head sadly with their lower lip jutting out. Even my boss seems to have forgotten that I was away *for a whole month* just recently and is encouraging me to go travel and take time off. Huh. I’m more than happy to be in London at this time of year. The frosty mornings with the glorious, wintry sun coming out behind bare trees. It was 5 degrees yesterday and I reveled in the relative warmth. I know a lot of people have been moaning about the weather but I think the fog is beautiful. The way the light changes in the damp mistiness and how the upper quarters of tall buildings disappear entirely with only their warning lights emitting feebly.

And to take the joy a little more forward, I’ve been reading A Clockwork Orange and I have to say I’ve really been enjoying the language. Initially I was afraid I won’t get Burgess’s made-up slang words but the writing is so fluid and the meaning so clear that I can’t understand why some people never understood it and felt it was a difficult read. I can’t put it down. It’s  been quite a while since I read a book like this.