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I came home on Christmas eve and in the darkness I could make out the outline of what I thought was a package on my doorstep. Moving closer, I saw that the package had green eyes and was indeed a kitty. I spoke to it but it didn’t budge from my mat. It did get startled when I pushed open the door and to pacify it, I offered a small plate of milk which I later refilled. It accepted a pat, stretched and went away.

A few days later, just as I was watching Bicycle Thieves (a rather heartwarming though sad, old Italian movie), I heard little bells outside my door. Could it be my feline friend? It was. Not sure what she was exactly doing but it seemed like she was jumping against the wall. I opened the door and she walked in sweetly to the kitchenette where I heated some milk for her. At the sight of her saucer she meowed in a long, sweet tone. What is it about large black and white cats, who look like masked bandits, fur the colour of the night, eyes like glittering emeralds, and ultra-sweet voices. We had a stray cat we used to know and love once, Scruffle Cake we called her, who matched this description and had the voice of an opera singer. Anyway, this kitty lapped up her milk, I refilled it for her. She accepted some pats and scratches. And then it struck me, what if this is someone’s  pet. I closed the door and didn’t go back to check if she’s around. I resolved not to feed her again – it’s quite unlikely that the owner would approve.

Just as I was writing this, I heard little bells outside my door. I opened it to find her sitting neatly, facing me, tail curled around her. Walked right in. And I couldn’t help heating some milk for her again. She meowed, walked about my apartment, investigated the radio. I know feeding her is wrong but the thought keeps crossing my mind, what if she’s abandoned or just looking for some affection 😦 I know I’m going to be in trouble over this.