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So I stayed in on New Year’s Eve armed with treats, champagne and a backlogue of comedy sitcoms I wanted to watch. I had been invited to a party (she positively insisted thinking of me as some sort of sorry case. No no no, you can’t spend it alone, the new year, no no no, you can’t be alone, no no no) by a colleague whom I don’t know very well and I was just not in the mood to socialize and make pretend conversation (ok I’m cynical, so!). I told her my friend was returning from Israel and he’s invited me to a party and I can’t refuse him. He actually was returning from his holiday but we didn’t really have any concrete plans. In the end we didn’t meet up and I felt great sipping champagne and watching the funnies and starting the new year the next day on a happy, positive note.

Now this lady meets me in office today and asks how it went. And I was obliged to make up some crap about a few people coming home. Some rubbish like that. And then someone else at work asked me what I’d done. Now I wasn’t sure how loud I’d been earlier but not wanting to be caught, I had to make up the same lie again.

And today a “friend” called me (she only calls me when she wants to brag about her life and in this case I’m assuming her little holiday in some English village or something or the other). She very pointedly asked me what I’d done and I had to say well (and then I started lying again, oh my god) I had a champagne party at home (what?). Oh. She replied. Disappointment in her voice, hoping to hear that I’d sat at home in comfortable PJs and socks, eating chips, watching some sad countdown on TV with my purple elephant calf for company. I couldn’t give her that could I? She asked whom I’d invited, colleagues? Um no, not colleagues (panic! who who?), my neighbour (really? The one you had that 30 second conversation with before you drove her away with your look of please be my friend, please please?) and some other people I know (who are these people haha?) and the neighbour also got a friend (wow, this is such crap now). Yeah but we kind of just sat around and spoke and (voice trails of weakly here)…anyway they didn’t obviously stay the night (what if her next question is on sleeping arrangements! I’m thinking ahead!) as we don’t all know each other all that well (so are you spending nye together? she didn’t ask that). Well, haha, you know, just a small get-together. Ha. Haha. (just **stop** talking, now).

I hate the social pressure that comes with new year’s eve celebrations. Ok! So I didn’t do anything! Doesn’t make me a loser. Bah. Just fyi, on the radio I heard that only 18% people were going to go out, the rest were going to stay in. I’m going to throw that statistic next year.

On that note, I thought I’d throw in these photos of spider webs from my previous apartment, one even has a spider.