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I think, of all the ballets I have seen (and I haven’t seen too many. Surprisingly all the ones I have seen have had music composed by Tchaikovsky) I enjoyed the one I saw today the most, Eugene Onegin. Surprisingly even more than Swan Lake (I love the music so much that I can hear it over and over again throughout the day). I didn’t expect I’d like this one so much, it had two intervals and I was feeling too cheap to go get my customary glass of champagne, but I loved it. The costumes, the expressions, the men in tights, the ballerinas in their wispy dresses who look so delicate but are actually incredibly strong – you can see that when they are lifted and held by their arms. And the music seemed so intuitive. It’s like how people say for Beethoven – everyone knows him, even if they don’t know that they know. I feel that way about Tchaikovsky, I know this. I feel it. The triumph in the melancholy. The drama. The obscenity of human emotion. I clapped the hardest today for the conductor. My vote today went to the men and women in the pit and their leader. Of course, the ballet was beautiful and really absorbing too. But the music was just something else.