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Today was the perfect day to stay at home or “be local”. It snowed for most of the day and for a change I could manage to relax around the house without getting restless or feeling like I was wasting my life. A late breakfast, accompanied by classic FM, some light cleaning (drain, ugghhh) and laundry, and some fun cooking – french beans and tur dal interspersed with staring out of the window. I heard some birds chirping outside and left some bread crumbs outside the door and on my balcony, thinking it must be tough for them to get grub with all the snow. I trudged out to Abney Park cemetery once again today, sliding on the pavements in the gritty slush. It looked even more beautiful today than it did yesterday. The falling snowflakes made everything surreal. The ground was icy but pristine white. I walked in the park’s little paths, feeling like the only person in the whole place. The trees and little plants were completely laden with snow. The occasional bush would heave and its leaves would  try and shake off some of their soft burden. I encountered a few more birds, many were singing. Perhaps they too were excited with the beauty of the whole scene. Back home, it was time for the kettle and another cup of tea.

I didn’t carry my trusty Nikon today because I didn’t want to expose it to the snow (and sorely missed having a compact camera) but here are some more photos from yesterday. All the branches on these trees were covered in white today, it was magical.