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I was in Oslo last week and saw posters for a Munch exhibition in the city. I had a free afternoon and it was a nice sunny day. The exhibit itself was very small, just a handful of paintings but i thought that was perfect – i feel it’s nice to have small concentrated doses of art and spend more time per painting. I liked what I saw. The works on display, such as death in the sickroom or the dance of life were pretty self explanatory, you didn’t even need to see the title. I liked the colours, the vivid lines. His style was also different in another painting – the sick child. I knew nothing of Munch (except for the Scream perhaps, which was also on display) or expressionism before this but now I’m quite tempted to discover more.

Later during the day I walked about the city, near the palace and in the park just taking in the sun and wandering about on my own, grateful for a free afternoon in the middle of a working week.

All photos from wiki.

Wiki – The Sick Child

Wiki – Death In The Sickroom

Wiki – The Dance Of Life

Wiki – Girls On The Bridge

Can’t ignore The Scream or Madonna..

Wiki – Madonna

(there was an exhibition on the more usually depiction of Jesus’s mother from the Renaissance era in another wing of the gallery)

Wiki – The Scream