A passenger had been taken ill at the train station today and it was shut. I was already very late but had no option but to take the bus. Actually in retrospect I did have an option, go to the next station and get the train there. But anyway, I took the bus. Buses don’t care if you are in a hurry or not. They get stuck in various places – traffic, signals, behind cyclists, in little one way lanes behind four toy cars because a van is being loaded. Drivers have to answer questions when people don’t know if they’re on the right bus, or wait to drive if someone’s card isn’t working and they have to fumble about for change. Sometimes the driver announces that he will have to wait at a bus stop for two minutes because the bus is ahead of schedule (but I’m way behind!). Or you have to wait while the drivers change. Time ticked on. Slowly. Behind me a man called the agency to let them know he would be ten minutes late for his appointment to register for unemployment benefits. Someone else called and said they’d be quite late. Two girls chatted loudly about a third girl and her obsession with uploading her naked pictures on her Facebook or something. A student in front of me put down her book and started to eat her lunch slowly. Morning had made way already for brunch time.

Here’s a lousy ill composed shot of canary wharf from the ride today. I did have all the time in the world to do a better job but I’m still squeamish about using my tab let’s camera (oh my god I’m one of those people!)