It’s only too easy to forget that you have been busy in the past too but have always made time to have a few laughs, do something silly, or do something you love. Or hang out with your pals, trek on rainy days, celebrate the achievement of cooking something elaborate for the first time, do something nice for someone special, or have someone special do something nice for you. It’s so important to take photos to let you look back and remember. Great holidays, and those that seemed so difficult that all you wanted to do was sit stubbornly and have a cup of tea. Or to look back at pictures of your house when you first bought it and photos of each stage of work that went into making it the cozy place it is today. Or the last time you saw all your family together in one place, in the same time zone, in the flesh. Or your friends, now scattered around the globe.

It’s so easy to go through life sometimes beating yourself up for not accomplishing enough or thinking how tough life is. And then you look at those photos and realise it really isn’t about reaching the finishing line but all the little and big moments along the way.