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I’ve been travelling, I’ve been away. There’s been loads to write about and I’ve dealt with it by not writing at all. The past few months have had ups and downs, with the ups trumping the downs. I’ve got to travel a bit, not just because of work and I’ve taken loads of photos. Work has been crazy and months have gone by in a blur. I’m investigating myself for brain fog, causing much amusement among my parents and leading to a score of private jokes for them. Nice! It feels like my only time in my London apartment has been to do my laundry and cook up some instant noodles. That’s not necessarily true but it sure feels like that. I’ve been reading a lovely travel book and though the language and vocabulary is well above my grasp, I enjoy reading it. I’ve been taking the bus back from work because it slows down the pace of life a little bit and remains one of life’s sweetest, simplest and loveliest little joys. That and taking a ferry. I’ve discovered I love water ways and jumping onto a slow moving ferry, whether in Helsinki, London, Istanbul or Thailand melt away problems, both real and imagined, for some time at least. I keep realising everyday that all I want is to have a simple joy that will pay for my travels.