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Mr. Man has been struggling to purchase a bike suitable for his size during this lockdown. He’s been eyeing other bikes wistfully and has probably been in touch with every bike retailer in Hackney and every manufacturer or supplier in the UK that accepts the cycle-to-work scheme. But the current high demand for bikes and some rigidities with the scheme mean he’s been waiting for a while now. So when I jokingly asked a nearby friend if they happen to have a spare bike and received an answer in the affirmative, we jumped on the chance and picked it up this evening. A simple thank you in the form of a bottle of wine and some home cooked food and we were a bike richer and feeling incredibly lucky!

It’s seen better days for sure but it is a bike, it is for free, without any conditions and its the Man’s for as long as he needs it. It spells freedom and mobility in these restrictive days, longer jaunts beyond our neighbourhood. We’ve done long walking loops along the marshes where it’s easy to avoid other people but a bike will get us a little further.

We brought it home, the Man made some adjustments and we took it out for a test ride. Being a road bike it liked the tarmac more than the lanes in the park. Looking forward to many happy times with our new companion and ushering in an era of cycling co-operation with the Man.

The Duchess pants behind her new fitter lighter friend!